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VANESSA LOUISE GRUNDY - Wildlife Artist & Conservationist

Working mainly in acrylic paints, pastels, pens and polychromo pencils, I specialise in photo realism painting and drawing of animals in their natural settings.

Wildlife is my preferred subject matter, and as I also adore seeing and photographing wildlife, I often use my own photography as the basis for my work.

Humming Bird resized (2).jpg

“My picture arrived and it is more beautiful than I thought! The photos just didn't do it justice! I love it thank you so so much ❤️”

— Steph, UK, "Sunset Perching" Original Pastel Drawing

Gorilla Resized 1.jpg

“We visited Africa last year and fell in love with everything. Your paintings bring back some of those memories. The detail is so great.”

— Greg, USA, "Future Thoughts" Original Pastel Drawing


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