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What better way to celebrate our love for our adored pets than by having their portrait adorn our walls?

I use three media for my pet portraits, full colour polychromo pencils, full colour pastels, and full colour acrylic paints, all of which most beautifully express the innate beauty of our pets.

I can paint and draw all animals - mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish and all other pets!

Shop below or take a look at some of the pet portraits that I've completed previously.

My coloured pencil and acrylic pet portraits are available in A4 and A3 size whilst my pastel pet portraits are available in sizes 18x24cm (small) or 24x30cm (medium), all of which are easy sizes to source frames.

I also offer canvas paintings or larger pieces, so please do contact me via the link at the bottom of this page if you are interested in commissioning a canvas/large piece!

Though it is easier to make fully detailed portraits from high resolution images, I can also work from old photographs as long as they are in colour. That said, black and white photos would also make beautiful portraits.

Delivery times 

All orders are completed in order of placement, and scheduled accordingly. 
Average completion times are as follows: 

- A4 and A3 Colour Pencil Portraits: From 2 to 3 weeks from receipt of your payment and images

- Small / Medium Pastel Portraits: From 2 to 3 weeks from receipt of your payment and images

- A4 and A3 Acrylic Paint Portraits: From 4 to 6 weeks weeks from receipt of your payment and images 

Lead times may vary during peak seasons (e.g. Christmas). 
You will be kept informed of the progress of your order, if required. If you do have a specific deadline for your work, then please do contact me so that I can organise my schedule accordingly, where possible.


All portraits will be sent to you very carefully packaged and by fully tracked mail, so that you can see when it's on it's way. 

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